Cultivator Aeration Hand Tool


  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN 38” tall with a step plate that centers you over the tool, a solid ½” powder coated steel shaft and a wide 12” T handle that reduces the effort of twisting, using the force of your body to easily rotate sharp angled claw tines into hard compacted soil.
  • LOOSENS, TURNS, TILLS AND AERATES soil promoting the free flow of water, air, and fertilizer for a healthier and more beautiful yard and garden.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR RAISED BEDS, flower boxes, around shrubs or bushes and other hard to reach areas. Ideal for mixing fertilizer or peat moss amendments and preparing a bed for planting. Makes weeding easy.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND VALUE, this is the best garden hand tiller cultivator available

For a lifespan of use, the high all steel design is constructed. In order to ensure that you are having the service you need, We provides a full day lifetime warrantee.


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